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At Wagtime we offer half days which are 6 hours or less, and a full day is anything more than 6 hours. Either choice your dog will enjoy a fun filled time with both four and two legged friends. Although we don't have a cutoff time for drop off, it is recommended to bring your dog before 11am. The differing energy levels and established pack, can make it harder to incorporate a dog coming in later.

15% discount on daycare for
Active military, veterans, police and fire

Full day: $36.95

Half day: $25.50


Our boarding packages include daily Playcare, so you can rest assured your pet will be happily engaged, not caged. Wagtime Play & Stay is a safe and controlled environment staffed with dog lovers, making it the easiest, most reliable, and trustworthy option for your pet's safety and the security of your home.

Drop Off Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 6pm  |  Sat & Sun by appointment

Boarding Pick-up is by 12:00pm on the next day.
A 1/2 day of playcare is charged for pick-ups after 12:00pm



Please note that there will be a charge for the house food, should we need it or food was not provided.

Boarding per Night: $67.95




5 Days

  • Full day - $175 ($35/day)

  • Half day - $120.95 ($24.19/day)

10 Days

  • Full day - $337.95 ($33.80/day)

  • Half day - $233.95 ($23.40/day)

20 Days

  • Full day - $676 ($33.80/day)

  • Half day - $467.59 ($23.40/day)

Image by okeykat


I have met so many furends through going to Wagtime Playcare. I love playing outside and splooshing in the doggie pools then sunbathing with the gals.

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 10.05.56 PM.png


I love how I get to run around all day while mom and dad are at work. I get all the pets and scratches from Wagtime hoomans and talk gossip with the girls.



Suns out tongues out! I give Wagtime two paws up for their awesome crew and facilities. Whenever my humans leave for a trip I look forward to coming to my home away from home.

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Download and print the client application at the top of this page and fill it out to the best of your ability. Each question allows us to better understand who your dog is as well as their behavioral background.


For the safety of all our guests, Wagtime requires a copy of the actual rabies certificate and town license. As well as your dog's most recent vet records that reflect up to date Bordetella, Distemper, a negative fecal, and an active flea and tick regiment. We accept these in person or have your vet email them to us at


This is the most fun you're dog will ever have with a test! We offer a complimentary temperament test that allows us to assess your dogs play-style, social temperament, and behavioral patterns. Simply give us a call and schedule your pup for a temperament test and an associate will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Get Started

Offerings contact

Mon-Fri: 6AM-7PM

Weekends: Appt. Only

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