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There's no time, like Wagtime!

We offer a safe, carefully crafted environment for your pets to enjoy while you work hard to put kibbles on the table. At Wagtime Play and Stay your dog can play, stay, relax, and they always receive the attention they deserve!


Exercise & Socialize

Neither you nor your fur baby like to be cooped up all day. Wagtime PlayCare allows your dog to meet, play, and properly socialize with new dogs as well as humans. Interacting with other dogs and humans also helps establish safe and acceptable social behavior that will build your dog’s confidence. 


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Download and print the client application at the top of this page and fill it out to the best of your ability. Each question allows us to better understand who your dog is as well as their behavioral background.


For the safety of all our guests, Wagtime requires a copy of the actual rabies certificate and town license. As well as your dog's most recent vet records that reflect up to date Bordetella, Distemper, a negative fecal, and an active flea and tick regiment. We accept these in person or have your vet email them to us at


This is the most fun you're dog will ever have with a test! We offer a complimentary temperament test that allows us to assess your dogs play-style, social temperament, and behavioral patterns. Simply give us a call and schedule your pup for a temperament test and an associate will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Get started

We're committed to offering a stress free and sanitary environment where 100% of our attention is focused on engaging your pet in fun and constructive playtime!


Looking for a great way to burn off some energy and socialize your best friend? Maybe you hate leaving your pup for an extended work day? Bring them in for a fun filled day of playcare!

Full day: $36.95 
Half day: $25.50


Leaving your wiggly butted friend can be difficult for both of you. Bring them in for a nice Staycation full of fun and friends and you will put both your minds at ease!

Boarding $67.95/night


We know you’ll do anything for your fur baby, but why not save some money while you're at it! Plan ahead and save up to $100!

Packages starting at $120.95




Mon-Fri: 6AM-7PM

Weekends: Appt. Only

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